Why You Should Buy Outdoor Advertising Space From Vacantboards.Com


Media buyers and advertisers are saddled with the responsibility of buying outdoor advertising spaces that will yield the highest possible returns on their advertising spend. As a result, they have to decide which outdoor medium, in what location and at what cost will be beneficial to their company, in line with its objectives.

With a myriad of outdoor advertising options available, how does an advertiser narrow down his/her options to an outdoor site with the highest likelihood to see (LTS) and returns on investment? VacantBoards is your number one solution, providing an array of outdoor advert space, with detailed description of each site, its dimension, traffic, landmark, cost and location. With just one-click, you are well on your way to launching your outdoor advertising campaign.

VacantBoards helps SME’s leverage on outdoor advertising to grow their businesses by aligning their budget to suit campaign objectives and providing easy access to an efficient inventory of cost-effective outdoor advertising options. With VacantBoards, brands and SME’s can discover new outdoor advert options via the geo-mapping feature whilst taking businesses directly to their target audience.

VacantBoards is Nigeria’s first online outdoor advertising platform that allows you buy outdoor space within the comfort of your home/office while giving you the luxury of selecting from a vast number of outdoor options across Nigeria. VacantBoards provides a seamless process of buying outdoor space and gives you cost-effective options that suit your budgetary needs. For as low as N20, 000, you can run an outdoor advertising campaign by purchasing one of VB’s bundle plans. Each bundle incorporates the best outdoor advertising mix in alignment with your budget. All you have to do is to click to get started.

What’s more? VacantBoards offers monitoring and tracking of advert campaigns and also measures Return-on-Investment (ROI) while fast tracking visibility and accessibility of new outdoor advert spaces for advertisers via our geo-mapping feature.

We’ve got your outdoor advertising needs covered from digital signage on-premise construction and vehicle/house branding to lease of billboard, BRT, digital screens and lamp post spaces, we run your campaign for you without having to break the bank. Want to launch an outdoor advert campaign and don’t know where to begin? Contact us today.