VacantBoards Launches Mobile App


As a positive move towards improving the business of outdoor advertising and aggregating the inventory of outdoor spaces across Nigeria, VacantBoards, an Online Outdoor Advertising Marketplace, specializing in both traditional and digital Out-of-Home media, lastweek launched its mobile app on Google Play Store.

VacantBoards is a company poised to ensuring seamless, one click booking of outdoor advert spaces nationwide. The organization seeks to make booking of OOH spaces easier by providing easy access to and an efficient inventory of outdoor advertising spaces in Nigeria.

‘Tunji Alao, Founder of VacantBoards said “We help brands discover new outdoor advert options via our geo-mapping feature whilst taking businesses directly to their target audience. Our web and mobile platform helps advertisers track, analyze and measure Return-on-Investment (ROI) on their outdoor campaigns.”

VacantBoards aims to reduce the number of vacant billboard spaces in Nigeria by making Out-Of-Home spaces more visible and easily accessible to advertisers, hence its name. More so, the company seeks to aid media planning by aggregating all outdoor structures under one platform to ease visibility and accessibility.

The App

Essentially, the idea behind the VacantBoards app is to allow people capture billboard spaces around them using their smart phones whilst earning points in doing so. The points earned can be converted into rewards at any time.VacantBoards App Splash

The interface is sleek, easy to navigate and user-friendly. The first of its kind, the app is incredibly small and measures in at less than 1 megabyte. That’s really small compared to how good the app looks. The performance is speedy and connectivity takes only a matter of seconds depending on your internet connection.

The app is available for download on Google Play Store and can function on all devices. The choice of making it exclusive to android is due to the fact that it is the most popularly used mobile operating system with an extensive number of users. Although, plans are underway to ensure that the app is available on Blackberry, Windows and iOs platforms.

How to Use It

After downloading the app, you’ll be required to sign up using your email address after which you will be directed to the login page to fill in your account information (username and password).

After logging in, you will be navigated to the board submission page where there are 3 tabs available for capturing images. Click on any of the tabs to take a picture of any billboard around you and fill in the required information such as board description i.e type of board (unipole, super 48 sheet, LED, backlit e.t.c), board owner and corresponding contact number. After supplying all required information, click the submit button.

Once received, the board will be verified to ensure its authenticity. Once the board has been verified, you get credited with points – from 100 and above, depending on the number of boards. To check the number of points you have been able to garner, click on the options icon and your statistics will be shown to you. You can also convert your points to rewards by clicking on the options icon. Rewards range from airtime to other fabulous prizes.VacantBoards App Options

According to Tunji Alao, “The app is a move towards enhancing the business of Out-Of-Home (OOH) advertising in Nigeria and allowing for a more active OOH audience. We want to put outdoor advertising in the hands of the masses and make them active participants of the industry. This app will allow people work with us in building an exhaustive inventory of outdoor advert spaces across Nigeria.”

This mobile app is a welcome idea in the Out-Of-Home sector in Nigeria. As digitization is sweeping over the Nigerian outdoor advertising landscape, this app will be very useful in making the business of outdoor more efficient and effective.

Read more about VacantBoards here. To download the app, click here.