Introducing VacantBoards’ Bundle Packages for SMEs


“Good advertising does not just circulate information. It penetrates the public mind with desires and belief.” – Leo Burnett

The choice of selecting the most appropriate outdoor advertising medium for an effective advertising campaign can be a daunting task for SME’s. Many of them lack the requisite knowledge needed to help them make informed decisions regarding the best outdoor advertising medium for their brand.

An effective outdoor advertising campaign for SME’s would require attention to be given to the most cost-effective and highly engaging Out-Of-Home (OOH) medium with high traffic. This is to ensure optimum returns on investment. It is imperative however to underscore the fact that outdoor advertising doesn’t immediately translate into a hike in sales margin. Most SMEs fall into the trap of expecting immediate conversion a few days or weeks into or after their campaign.

The conversion rate for outdoor advertising is a bit slower than other forms of media but has the most long-lasting effect in the minds of consumers when done effectively.

Outdoor advertising first of all creates awareness about a brand’s product or service, especially if that brand is engaging in OOH advertising for the first time. With time, the brand name registers in the minds of consumers and remains indelible, such that if a consumer has a need and finds satisfaction through that brand’s market offering, then the product is purchased based on its availability.

In this regard, one can say there is an increase in sales as a result of consistent exposure of the advert message to consumers. Which explains why at VacantBoards, we always advice our clients to run their campaign for at least month to encourage maximum brand exposure.

To enable SME’s run cost-effective and successful OOH campaigns; we introduce the VacantBoards’ bundle packages. These bundles were designed to align with the advertising budget and objectives of most SMEs.

The Ruby category comprise of the Mini, Midi and Maxi bundles, and are suitable for businesses who want to garner exposure for their products or create awareness about a particular event or service. Brands who also want to test the market can purchase any of these bundles.

The Diamond Category comprise of the Classic, Bounty and Platinum bundles. These packages are for advertisers who want to reposition their brand image to reflect sophistication, class and quality.

These bundles are mixes of the most effective outdoor advertising options for SMEs that won’t take a toll on their ad spend. Don’t know which outdoor medium would work best for you? Why don’t you buy a bundle? Check it out here