UTEC Ups The Ante in Digital Billboard Advertising


The greatest gift ever given to the human race, I believe, is the invention of science and technology. So far, technology has revamped the world, making things that were otherwise thought impossible possible and when it comes to advertising, digital technology has virtually taken over with the introduction of LED backlit billboards, social media marketing, use of skylines and the list goes on and on.

The University of Engineering and Technology in Peru in partnership with advertising agency FCB Mayo exploited the in-depth power of technology and created a one of a kind billboard that does just more than just display billboard messages.

This billboard has unique features that enables it filter polluted air around the environment and emit purified oxygen.  Reports have it that when it comes to emitting energy, this billboard is as powerful as 1,200 tress producing 100,000 cubic meters of purified air.

The technology works by taking in the polluted air, pulling it through a water filtration system and releasing clean air that reaches up to a five-block radius. The board was erected at the building site of the university’s new campus.

This isn’t the first time UTEC has made an environmental statement in this way.  Last year, the University and ad agency worked together to build a billboard that yielded “thousands of liters” of safe drinking water through the work of humidity-catching generators and air filters.

This is a ground-breaking innovation illustrating how digital billboard advertising  can be used to bring about positive changes in the society.