Unearth Your Creativity with Bus-shelter Advertising


We come across bus-shelters on a daily basis. It is part of a public transportation system that serves as a haven for commuters as they wait to board a bus. During this period, commuters are usually bored and most times fiddle with their phones to pass time.

At this point, their minds are very active as they have little or nothing competing for their attention, which gives advertisers ample opportunities to connect with them via an interactive and engaging advert campaign. The campaign should be holistic – entertaining, informative and educative – so as to foster brand recall and engagement.

Bus-shelters are one great advertising medium that allows advertisers to unearth their creative prowess and introduce creativity, flair and innovation to their products and services. It provides an empty canvas for advertisers to utilize and come up with a creative, mind-blowing and engaging advert. For example, Pepsi Max, for its latest ad campaign, used augmented reality to turn a bus shelter’s wall into a fake window that appeared to show flying saucers, an attacking robot, and a loose tiger — among other unlikely subjects — making their way down the street.

The company did not tell what technology was used to create that illusion, but from the video, it appears to have planted a camera outside the shelter that captures people and vehicles on the street.

Bus-shelter advertising offers unparalleled reach and spurs engagement among consumers. Since it is usually erected around bus-stops or train-stations, you can be sure that thousands of people will view your advert every day, which means more brand awareness among consumers.

This form of outdoor advertising has been proven to achieve the highest perceived exposure in comparison to other Out-Of-Home formats. Research has shown that bus shelter advertising establishes brand awareness and generates quick recall. Bus shelter advertising is everywhere, and this provides a continuous, effective advertising presence.

In recent years, integration with latest digital and mobile technologies has enabled creative versatility in bus-shelter advertising. Consumers can directly relate with an advertisement on the go and have a mind-blowing experience, which enhances purchase of the product after viewing the advert.

The Nigerian Outdoor Advertising sphere is yet to recognize and leverage on this veritable Out-Of-Home medium. It is time for advertisers to start extending their boundaries in outdoor advertising and harnessing the various Out-Of-Home options available. These options – such as bus-shelters – also yield a high return on investment and stand a greater chance of fostering brand recall as a result of its uniqueness and creativity, when compared with traditional media such as billboards.