Turning Resolution into Reality


When it comes to keeping our new year’s resolution, we rarely follow through. Selling more to existing clients, having hot leads does not happen after two weeks, so relax and focus on things that provide the positive reinforcement you crave.

No one makes important life changes in solitude. We need accountable partners, people who keep us in check and remind us of our goal when we halt. There is need for accountability with business goals as well, whether they are set for the first quarter or updated year round.

Make 2016 different than any other year by making a realistic resolution. You want to think of something that will have a lasting change on your life and keep you motivated longer than the month of January.

Here are six ways to keep your resolution for the long haul and resist the urge to give up.

  • Set Attainable Goals: Choose one resolution and make it specific. Goals should not be based on annual/yearly reminders, they should be new behaviour patterns together. The best resolutions are not concrete or explicit goals but refreshed processes that becomes engraved in our minds and company ethics. Once the goals become routine, it gets in place.

  • Make Your Goals Visible: Keep a placard that display your targets and goals at an apparent place. Make your goals salient, even on social media as it encourages people around to strive toward the objective by making them impossible to overlook. We must constantly remind ourselves of our goals to achieve them.

  • Attempt Small Goals First: Give yourself a deadline, include mini-goals so as to track progress and boost motivation. After accomplishing the smaller task, attack the bigger ones while feeling complete and prepared.

  • Create Action Items Within Goals: Most goals consist of several sub-goals. Devise the habit of achieving on big goal(increasing sales) then weigh smaller portions of that goal to measure progress.

  • Measure Constantly: Waiting until the end of the year to collect and evaluate data is a great way to let small problem turn into a big one. Keep record of achievement and also update progress constantly.

  • Compare and Correct: The beginning of a new resolution is not just a time to set new projections, but to compare last year’s aims to reality. Discuss what your goals were over the last year, month or week and ask if it was accomplished, how close you were and what could have been done differently. No one knows the future, but we can all make adjustment and correction in time to minimize mistakes today and where we should focus our efforts.

Resolutions do not have to be hard. Not everything goes as planned and sometimes things take longer than expected, embrace the setback as a reminder to stick to your guns. With the right preparation, we have the power to keep the promises we make to ourselves and build next year’s successes on top of this year. Strive towards achieving your set goals.