Toshiba Launches New Range of Digital Signage


Regardless of its late entrance into the digital out-of-home sphere, Toshiba, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electronic devices, has proven to be a complete business solutions provider by making digital signage a key part of its offerings.

Recently, the brand launched its first range of Digital Screens called Ellumina at the just concluded LEAD Conference 2014 held in Dallas this week. The event was attended by 575 delegates composed mainly of sellers and end users.

Speaking at the event, the Chief Marketing Officer, Bill Melo hinted on the marketing strategy adopted by Toshiba in pushing its digital signage. He said “Rather than going to our dealers to sell our digital signage – although that, of course, can be done, too – our marketing strategy will be to go to end users, see what they need, and bring it to our dealers to be able to fill those needs through our own offerings and those of our partners.”

A Toshiba Kiosk with Social Media Interaction
A Toshiba Kiosk with Social Media Interaction

Toshiba is focusing particularly on three sectors: sports and entertainment; schools/colleges universities; retail and grocery. While it had already quietly put digital signage in several arenas such as the home of the Houston Astros, its launch of LA Interactive at the STAPLES Center last Saturday was its formal launch party. This permanent fan experience locale showed off some of Toshiba’s strengths, particularly in the interactive sector. Under the Ellumina brand, its interactive displays fall under the Virtuoso name

An exclusive agreement for STAPLES Center with the huge sports and entertainment conglomerate AEG is expected to lead to Toshiba’s digital signage in other sports and entertainment centers, with another one expected to be announced imminently.

This concentration on digital signage does not mean that the company has abandoned its core business with ultramodern printers, copiers and other managed business services. Not at all. Rather, it sees this as an extension to helping people to communicate, as the theme line of LEAD said, ‘Print. Work. Communicate. Smarter’

Toshiba D3 Cube
Toshiba D3 Cube

The attendees were keen to learn and that’s what Toshiba executives were obviously counting on. From last year’s LEAD conference, Toshiba gained $10 million in business as a direct result. This year, with its new digital signage offering, it expects to gain even more.

Source: DailyDooh