The Essence Of Transit (BRT) Advertising


It is no doubt commuters are used to seeing adverts by now. if you are a daily traveler chances are pretty good you will see an advert on the exterior of buses all trying to publicize goods and services. These buses seize the attention of probable clients and could generate sales for advertisers if the product is eventually purchased.

Transit(BRT) advertising is an advert that appears inside and outside on public transport vehicles, in waiting areas, stations and terminals. Advertisement placed on a moving vehicle that runs 14 hours a day and is seen by thousands on a daily basis delivering brand messages. Transit(BRT) advertising is no longer news, it has become part of our every day lives as you cannot decide not to see it.

Transit(BRT) offer advertisers the opportunity to reach a wide and diverse heterogeneous audience as commuters have grown accustomed to the names of various companies from telecommunication to Food and Beverage companies to mention a few and their slogan.

Transit(BRT) advert attracts new customers and also nurture loyalty among existing customers fostering brand recall and possible referrals by users of the brand. Companies have come to accept transit advertising as an avenue for expanding advertising within and outside a state.

It is a superb way to showcase your product and services to thousands of consumers daily making them familiar with your brand. The advert on buses(BRT) are in front of target audience as part of their environment, they will be compelled to look at your eye catching advertisement especially in traffic thereby creating brand awareness.

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