Taking Charge With Digital Screen Media In 2016


Brene Brown said ”adverts sell a great deal for products. They sell values, images and concepts of success”.  Digital screen advertising has been the order of the day for marketers as a creative display that grabs customers attention and influence their purchasing decision. Research has shown that a positive experience means a person is more likely to buy a product from the store.

Digital screen advertising is the visual content specifically designed and formatted to be delivered from digital screens such as LED, LCD and projection screens either indoors or outdoors in corporate and public spaces.

Digital screen complement current marketing and merchandising strategies to further enhance the shopping experience, build brand loyalty and also increase sales. Providing relevant information to an audience near the point of purchase has allowed retailers to generate higher brand awareness and uplift their sales.

Digital Screen display actual and correct programme in order for advertisers to change information such as promotion of products for customers. This is a less time consuming way of passing information. Adverts are specifically designed for the environment in which it will be displayed. For example, screens displayed at malls or designated places will be viewed closely by a wide range of audience thereby guaranteeing effective conveyance of advert message. Report reveals that product being advertised on digital screen motivate customers to try out such goods because of the creativity and proficiency attached with it and also establishes a marketing purpose outside the home.

Digital screen media grabs attention in a more subtle way with its high definition display combined with vivid colours and actual images creating a special bond between the consumer and the brand because of the presence of the adverts.

Because digital screen advert overcomes wall space limitations, which increases the available breadth of content. It is becoming increasingly common at corporate spaces, shopping malls, hotels and airport to place advert, create awareness or pass information. 

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