Take a #SelfieWithRuky


The age of customer interaction and engagement is here and is gaining grounds with the proliferation of digital Out-of-Home media. DOOH advertising presents immense opportunities for brands to capture their audience on-the-go and engage them with their market offerings. This is probably the leverage OOH has over traditional advertising media (read more)

Taking the lead in fostering engagement and interactivity through DOOH in Nigeria, Nimbus Media Limited has launched an online competition tagged take a #SelfieWithRuky. The competition is running from 11th – 25th of March.

rukky ikeja
Screen at Ikeja City Mall

To participate in the campaign, all you have to do is take a selfie with “Ruky” which is a character uploaded on Nimbus Media Digital screens at Ikeja City Mall, Adeniran Ogunsanya Mall in Surulere and The Palms Mall in Lekki. Share the selfie taken on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and use the hashtag #SelfieWithRuky”.

Participants are encouraged to take creative pictures with the screens as the level of creativity is a criterion in selecting the winner. Also, while sharing the pictures, mention the company’s handle to qualify for a draw.

The competition is aimed at creating awareness and orientating the public about the Nimbus free standing digital screens at various locations. The screens are available in several locations across the country but for the purpose of this competition, the focus will be solely on the screens in Lagos.

The selfies will be publicized across all Nimbus social media pages, especially Twitter. Eligibility to participate will be based on the participant following Nimbus on Twitter or Instagram.

rukky the palms
Screen at The Palms Mall Lekki

Everyday, the #SelfieWithRuky hashtag will be searched and all the entries will be uploaded on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The participants will be enjoined to invite their friends to like or retweet their entries as this would determine whether they win or not.

The winner would be chosen based on the number of likes that his/her entry has on Instagram or the number of retweets on twitter. The participant with the highest number of likes or retweets will be announced on our twitter, Instagram and our Facebook page as the winner.

The winner will be given two tickets to watch whatever movie is showing at the time the competition ends. At the end of the competition, the winner will be invited to the Nimbus office to pick up his/her prize; the picture taken of the winner will be uploaded on all social media pages.

This campaign is done in partnership with Crasher Comics.