A Peek Into Social Media Summit


This year’s social media week event was a week long conference which started on the 22nd of February and rounded off on the 26th of February, 2016. The event kicked off with a lot of exciting events all week long providing innovations, trends, insights and inspiration to help people and business understand how to achieve more in a hyper connected world. Social media week Lagos is the largest, technology, new media and business conference on the continent of Africa. Annually over 7,000 people participate, share best practices and discuss what’s next on the continent’s media landscape in the conference.

Making emphasis on how outdoor advertising has become less of an optional marketing opportunity and more of a priority and online media becoming a game changer in business especially startups. Global social media strategies help guide small businesses and start-ups on measuring their global social impact, and how to use social media data to make business more profitable. Not limited to businesses, these insights are applicable to personal online media/outdoor networks.

Below are some highlights of the effective usage of online media:

Brand Awareness: Every good startup uses outdoor advertising as a channel for driving brand awareness. It happens organically as you post content, engage with users, and promote your brand.

Content Distribution: How can your start-ups use outdoor advertising as a content distribution and dissemination platform? If your content is engaging and unique enough, it’s possible that others could share your posts and advertise your brand for you.

Lead Generation: Ideally, you would like your social media profiles to be lead generators that drive traffic to your website or blog. This requires a long-term investment. How should your start-up implement a plan that leads to results?

Customer Acquisition: Best case scenario, your social media profiles raise brand awareness and your content generates leads… but how can you best maximize social media to increase your bottom line?

This year’s event rounded off with Music & Words Showcase: Celebrating Freedom of Speech is presented by Enough is Enough Nigeria (EiE) in partnership with USAID Strengthening Advocacy and Civic Engagement (SACE) a goal of promoting greater citizen engagement on governance issues. The focus of this year’s Let’s Talk Governance events at social media week Lagos was to build bridges between the Executive and Legislature and wider civil society as well as sharing views and broadening perspectives by key activists and commentators in the sector.

Culled From: Social Media Week

Picture From : Social Media Week