Reposition Your Brand With Airport Advertising!


The invention of airplanes by the Wright Brothers is probably one of the best things that ever happened to mankind. Civilization, globalization, digitization and all other constructs have been developed and nurtured by international relations and foreign trade fostered by business men, merchants, entrepreneurs and politicians travelling from one country to another to establish relationships.

Consequently, the airport, which is the home of aviation, holds immense potentials for the advertising industry. Thousands of people shuttle between countries and within states for reasons such as business, vacation, personal issues, health and the list goes on and on. This presents a huge, diverse market for advertisers to tap into.

The airport environment is a unique territory that allows marketers and advertisers communicate in inventive and efficient ways to a captive audience. The very nature of the travelling process makes waiting time compulsory for travellers. Most travelers spend approximately 60 minutes at the airport before their journey. They stay at the airport departure lounges and food courts until boarding and take off time. During this period, their senses are well prepared to take advertising messages which presents itself as a welcome distraction. These people are also prone to making last-minute buying decisions and what better time and place to steer them towards your product and services than now.

Most airport environments stimulate interests and due to the long waiting period, they trigger expectations. This is what makes the airport a rewarding medium for enhancing and fostering brand presence. A place charged with emotions due to welcomes and farewells, expectations and curiosity presents a great opportunity to connect with customers with your advert message.

The average air traveller is generally better educated, more sophisticated and wealthier than the audience in any other advertising environment. Advertisers can benefit from the possibility of addressing attractive target groups and high contact figures with above-average incomes. The airport also presents opportunities for advertisers to address business travellers and key decision-makers who, due to their selective use of media, are difficult to reach via other media.

Airport advertising can be combined with other mediums to further amplify an advertising campaign and lend credibility to the brand because it increases the reach and frequency of the overall campaign. It reminds consumers about campaigns in other media and increases brand strength. It compels attention and stimulates brand recall.

The Muritala Muhammed International Airport in Nigeria is home to major industry players. This posits great opportunities for advertisers in various sectors to harness and explore.

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Image Credit: Modamo