How Outdoor Advertising Helped these Brands Grow their Business


In recent years, outdoor advertising has grown significantly as a potent medium and has been projected to increase by a CAGR of 5.75% by 2018. Further reports presented by Outdoor Media Association in 2014 showed that OOH industry’s net revenue has increased by 7% within 12 months.

Regardless of its impact, versatility and dynamism, outdoor advertising suffers under the skepticism and ignorance of brands, yet to come to terms with its efficacy. Outdoor advertising is a catalyst for increasing brand awareness, re-positioning brands positively and creating a lasting positive brand image. It reinforces a brand’s promise in the mind of consumers (brand recall) and helps businesses remain top of mind. This is because consumers are loyal to brands who constantly remind them of their market offerings (read more).

Businesses who have harnessed the power of outdoor advertising over the years have testified of its prowess in significantly achieving their marketing communication goals and objectives. A case study of some of these businesses will further buttress my point.

Unilever: Unilever Nigeria led oral care in 2013 with a 35% retail value share. The company launched an extensive outdoor advertising campaign to boost its Close-Up brand, which is very popular amongst consumers. The campaign drove consumer loyalty due to its long-standing presence in the Nigerian market coupled with the wide variation of the product in different flavours, which offers consumers choice, thereby systematically keeping them within the company’s brand. The company leverages on its robust and wide distribution network to expand sales.

Ruff n Tumble: Ruff n Tumble [Children clothing brand] needed to get the word out about sales offerings for Christmas. They rolled out an extensive outdoor advertising campaign using transit advertising (BRT buses) along strategic routes and a conspicuous, ultra-wave billboard close to their office, thereby enabling the company to reach over 300,000 people daily. The Result? Increased brand recall leading to 30% increase in sales in one week and a significant increase in their social media engagement during Christmas. The combination of both media sparked engagement around the brand on social media and significantly reinforced their below the line advertising efforts.

e-Bay: eBay wanted to drive consumers to its mobile app and needed an advertising strategy to achieve this. It resorted to using Out-of-Home advertising to increase awareness and create touch points for interaction with the brand. The OOH mix included high frequency street-level media, high impact large-scale landmark inventory, and adjacencies next to key shopping districts. The creative reminded consumers that they could use eBay mobile to shop an enormous selection of fashion, electronics and auto parts anytime and anywhere. Just two months after the campaign launch, eBay experienced a record holiday shopping season with some eBay merchants reporting a 15% increase in sales on Black Friday. The company also reported a record Cyber Monday, with PayPal seeing a 514% increase in payments made from mobile devices. Metrics showed eBay shoppers purchased 2½ times as many items through the mobile app. eBay also saw its brand awareness, consideration and site traffic increase since the campaign’s launch.

These are only a trifle of brands who have underscored the potentials of outdoor advertising by implementing an effective Out-Of-Home campaign. The variety of media available in outdoor advertising makes it flexible enough to suit small, medium and large scale businesses. Still thinking if outdoor advertising is worth your money? Here’s how outdoor advertising gives you value for your ad spend by increasing your sales margin significantly.