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Outdoor Advertising Glossary

AAAN: Association of Advertising Agencies of Nigeria. It was formerly known as Association of Advertisers Practitioners of Nigeria (AAPN) and was founded in 1957. AAAN is one of the regulatory bodies in the Nigerian advertising industry. It seeks to regulate the practice of advertising, improve professional standards, foster corporate respectability, profitability and knowledge and encourage symbiotic relationships among practitioners.

ADVAN: Advertisers Association of Nigeria. It is one of the advertising regulatory bodies in Nigeria and was founded in the year 1992.

Airport Advertisement: A variety of advert displays available around the airport premises. They include, but are not limited to, airport lounges, specially built exhibit, stair way landings, wall drapes, and airport lifts e.t.c

APCON: Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria. This is the umbrella body of all advertising associations in Nigeria and is responsible for vetting of advert copies before they can be used to ensure that they conform to professional ethics and values

Audience Delivery: The size of an audience that notices Out-of -Home advertising usually measured during one or more weeks. Audience delivery can be represented using several definitions, including impressions, ratings, reach and frequency.

Awareness: The recalled recognition of an OOH advertising message by an individual or audience. Ad awareness is influenced by creative copy and the consumer’s relationship with the product or category.

Bleed: This is the display area which extends beyond the live copy area, often to the edge of the finished side.

Bus-shelter: A curbside structure located at regular stopping points along urban bus routes.

Campaign: The interval of time when an OOH advertising campaign is run.

CIMN: Chartered Institute of Marketing of Nigeria. This body regulates the practice of marketing in Nigeria also hosts certificate examinations for people interested in practicing the profession.

Copy Area: This is the viewing area on an OOH unit.

DOOH Advertising: This means Digital Out-Of-Home advertising. It is the advertising network of locations in which content and messages are displayed on digital signages. It involves the use of digital media to market or advertise your brand outside of home. Digital OOH provides high impact and exposure in a wide range of markets.

Embellishments: Letters, figures, mechanical devices or lighting that is attached to the face of an OOH unit to create a special effect.

Frequency: This is the average number of times an individual sees an OOH advertising message during a specified period of time. Frequency in OOH advertising is typically measured over a four week period, but can be reported for any campaign length.

FTF: This means ‘facing traffic from’. It identifies the direction of traffic facing the OOH structure. It means the board is visible to people coming from a particular area

FTT: ‘Facing Traffic To’. It identifies the direction of traffic facing the OOH unit. It means the board is visible to people going to a particular area.

Gantry: A gantry is a board fixed to an over-head structure usually spanning a road. It is a double-sided structure that the advertiser to the luxury of advertising to both sides of traffic.

Hoarding: commonly known as a billboard, is a large outdoor advertising structure, usually erected on high-ways and along the road-side. There are different types of billboard structures such as unipole, gantry, digital bill-boards (LED) and inflatable billboards. The term ‘hoarding’ is common in countries like the UK.

LED: means light-emitting diode. It is a semi-conducted diode which glows when a voltage is applied. LED boards, therefore, are electronic image displays that present multiple static advertisements on a rotating basis. They are usually powered by high voltage and are known to large consumers of energy.

Likelihood To See: The portion of the OTS (Opportunity to See) audience who are likely to see an ad. This typically measures the number of audience exposure as against OTS which measure the rate of media exposure.

Line of Sight: This is the simultaneous viewing of one or more OOH structure.

Mall displays: These are backlit advertising structures located at strategic points in shopping malls; usually two or three-sided.

NIMN: National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria is the professional body for regulating the practice of marketing in Nigeria including marketing professionals engaged in marketing and related fields as marketing practitioners, sales and marketing directors, media planners, creative directors, brand builders, transformers, marketing and mass communication experts, etc.

OAAN: Outdoor Advertising Association of Nigeria. It is one of the advertising regulatory bodies in Nigeria and founded in 1928.

Off-Premise Sign: A sign that advertises products or services that are not sold, produced, manufactured or furnished on the property where the sign is located. An OOH display is an off-premise sign.

On-Premise Sign: A sign that advertises products or services that are sold, produced, manufactured or furnished on the property where the sign is located.

OTS: It means opportunity to see. It is a basic measure of media exposure. OTS estimates are measures of media exposure (e.g. magazine readership, OOH viewership or the TV program exposures) but not the advertising message.

Outdoor Advertising: Also known as Out-Of-Home advertising, it is any form of advertising that reaches the consumer outside his/her home, hence its name. Small Business Encyclopedia defines it as any advertising done outdoors that publicizes your business’s products and services. Examples include billboards, bus-sheds, transit ads, mobile adverts, bus benches, signage and so on.

POP: Meaning Proof of Performance. It is a certification by an OOH company that contracted advertising services has been rendered.

Reach: The approximate percentage of a target audience’s population who notice an advertising message at least once during an OOH campaign.

Signage: An outdoor structure used to display information regarding a product or service. It can be erected in front of the company rendering the services or other locations within close proximity.

Street Furniture: Advertising displays that provide a public amenity, positioned at close proximity to pedestrians for eye-level viewing or at a curbside to impact vehicular traffic. Street furniture displays include, but are not limited to: transit shelters, newsstands/news racks, kiosks, shopping mall panels, convenience store panels and in-store signage

Transit displays: These are displays affixed to moving public transportation vehicles or in the common areas of transit terminals and stations. Transit displays include, but are not limited to: bus panels, train/rail panels, airport panels, taxi panels and mobile advertising signage.

Tri-Vision: This is an OOH structure with a slatted face that allows three different copy messages to revolve at intermittent intervals.

TRP’s: Target Rating Points. This is the total number of in-market impressions from a target audience delivered by an OOH campaign. It is ususally expressed as a percentage of a market population.

Unipole: A unipole is an advertising structure mounted on top of a single steel pole or column. These boards could be 2-sided, 3-sided or 4-sided depending on the fabricator’s preference. Its long range visibility adds to its versatility.