Are Nigerian Business Brand Adverts Becoming Increasingly Less Creative?


On my way to work one day, I couldn’t help but notice the various billboard adverts put up by different companies to promote their services or products. However, there was one striking element common to all these adverts that got me thinking, I was left with so many unanswered questions on advertising in Nigeria  Problems and prospects.

You might ask “What is that striking element?” Well, I observed that a vast majority of these adverts are lacking in creativity. Now, creativity is a relative term, considering the fact that people view it from different stand-points. One man’s definition of being creative might be quite different from another but one thing stands sure: the fact that creativity defines something outstanding, something extra-ordinary, something unconventional, something unique.

Why do I say ads by Nigerian advertising industry or businesses are lacking in creativity? I say this because each ad has the same resemblance. They each contain the same elements which are common to most Nigerian business brand advertisements. Those elements are, the words (imploring us the consumers to buy their product), the product itself, their logo and the most common of them all MODELS (male or female).

Every brand seems to buy into the idea that if their advertisement doesn’t feature a beautiful lady or a good-looking guy, the ad will not achieve the desired result. This explains the sudden boom of modeling agencies in Nigeria and model wannabe. These business brands give certain specifications to the modeling agencies; highlighting certain features the model should posses. Most times they look for a tall, slim and fair skinned lady with a tall, muscular, good-looking guy to match. Where does this leave us? It leaves us with billboard adverts that inculcate the wrong ideas to consumers.

Little wonder most young Nigerian ladies have succumbed to the bleaching trend subconsciously drilled into their minds by these so called advert agencies or business brands. They have re-defined beauty to being “Light-skinned” therefore most young ladies are indirectly under the pressure to achieve a light skinned complexion since that trait is now in high demand. This misconception has been favorable to the cosmetic industry because the bleaching trend has resulted in a high demand for cosmetic products. The trend has become so popular that even men are being sucked into it, so we see a number of men trying to achieve a lighter complexion at the detriment of their skin.

Whatever happened to creativity in billboard advert? Have Nigerian business brands and advertising agencies gotten it wrong? Is there creativity in Nigerian business brand adverts? Why has the trend of using beautiful ladies and men to sell products and services become so popular? Why is everyone trying to meet up with a set standard instead of creating another one? Is it that without models, a Nigeria bill board advert cannot be effective? Have we become so sucked into the idea that we have thrown all sense of creativity outside the window?

Take a look at these advertisements below:



running right through the building

creative billboard

They have no “Model concept” yet you cannot drive past and not take notice or pay attention to the message inherent in them. Can’t we achieve this same feat?

With the pace of technological advancement and global digitization, it is about time Nigerian business brands step up their game and meet up with their foreign counter part. We are lagging behind in creative outdoor advertising most especially bill board adverts. In my previous post I shared 10 very creative advertisements that are very inspiring. It’s very unfortunate that even our biggest advert agencies are yet to come up with any of those kind of ads.

In recent times we have seen the need for creativity in the advertising sector. The public is tired of seeing the same things over and over again. They want to see something different from the norm. They want to feel a whole new experience. Why don’t we give that to them? These and many more are some of the thoughts that I pondered on. It is my opinion and I would like to hear your opinion about the subject. Send in your comments and let us discuss this issue.