Mobile Technology Accelerates the Impact Of Out of Home Media


A new international study conducted by Future Foundation for Federation Europeen Publicite Exterieur (FEPE), the global body of Out Of Home media professionals, reveals that mobile technology is a powerful catalyst in accelerating the impact of OOH ads rather than diverting attention. The study posits that mobile technology is a partner of OOH and is ideally placed to drive instant response and action.

According to the research, 62% of urban consumers, who are most engaged with their mobile devices while travelling, have looked up information online immediately as a result of seeing an OOH ad. The report also reveals that 79% of consumers have taken action as a result of seeing an Out-Of-Home advertisement.

These findings distort the popular notion that online advertisement and digital marketing, powered by mobile technologies, is a possible threat to the OOH industry. Rather, it goes to show the efficacy of both media complementing each other and lending credibility to an overall advertising campaign.

Further reports show that creativity in Digital Out-Of-Home should remain top of mind for advertisers and marketers as consumers expect to see more than just moving pictures. Engagement and interactivity remains the hallmark for Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH). To corroborate this notion, the study reports that 65% of consumers are interested in DOOH ads that reward interaction. “Increased interaction with Out of Home advertising will depend on perceived value of exchange. Consumers have a growing sense of their time and personal data as valuable currency.”

OOH is ideally placed to distract the 21st century distraction-hungry consumer. According to the study, most commuters – 79%- attested to having a phobia for boredom and as such would entertain a distraction in the form of an interactive OOH advert.

The research was carried out by Future Foundation for FEPE International in summer 2014. A 20-minute questionnaire was undertaken online with a sample of 1000 consumers aged 18-64 living and working in the largest cities in the UK, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Brazil and South Africa. This is believed to be the biggest international study into OOH advertising so far undertaken.

FEPE International Executive Director John Ellery says: “We’re all aware of the power of TV and the growth of online advertising. But this major research study shows that Out Of Home is a major force in the digital age as it is so highly valued by consumers. The growth of digital outdoor and NFC technology that allows consumers to interact with digital posters will only accelerate this trend.”

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