Leverage Your Business Sales Strategy: Using Outdoor Advertising


” Doing business without Advertising is like winking in the dark, no one knows what you are doing but you”

Stuart Henderson Britt

This comment has justified its worth for many years as brand owners desire the acquisition of outdoor media to front their products. There are copious hurdles withholding the strength of what it takes to make companies campaign shoot.

Know your audience with respect to your market

Most advertisers are more fascinated by the lowest possible cost of outdoor space; it is no doubt that this statement “cut your coat according to your size” plays a crucial role. As most companies begin their fiscal year with a budget thereby costing expenditures throughout the year as this is aimed at preventing unexpected business drought.

The facts above are totally true; nonetheless it is cost effective to purchase necessary kits for your chosen advert campaign. As every outdoor advert space can be affordable bearing in mind its significance and its upshot towards disseminating your brands. A brand with B to C commodities would definitely not channel a B to B district to showcase their brand because it is not within their company’s budget frame.

Does Design matter or Out-of-Home will do just fine regardless?

Yes, campaign design matters and Out-of-Home is handicapped without it.

Some outdoor advert space buyers consider out-of-home platform as over-rated because they do not see their sales progression over a period of time. A catchy design in your campaign is the strength to engage vast customers and it is instigated majorly by its appearance which entails the color, front and the text inscribed.

Advert messages should be made very brief with catchy colors and readable fronts. It should be designed to be read at a glance as this is the core of the showcase, as no one would stop on the highway to view what is being showcased as this saying is very true “There is no second chance to make a first impression”

Which Outdoor platform are you pitching your brand from?

As emphasized earlier Outdoor Advertising is a core of business development contraption and company’s funds should not be a barrier because various brands relate to innumerable forms of Advertising and its effects to their aspired target audience.

Out-of-home Advertising is one of the oldest forms of advertising but it still remains one of the strongest ads conveyance platform today. It’s Location on prominent landmarks in major cities offering unparalleled large format advertising including Super 48 sheets, Super 96 sheets, Unipoles and all forms of brand display panels. Out-of-Home offers tremendous visibility to vehicular traffic as they reach both the driver and all commuters on their daily activities. Several Out-of-Home platforms has emerged of which includes Digital screens this particular platform has constantly engaged massive audience while shopping and it is reputable for leaving lasting impressions on customers as they shop. This constant showcase is notable for materializing in the long run as sales thereby staging Out-of-Home advertising as a mega sale booster.

Outdoor options: BillboardsLamp PostsDigital ScreensTransit(BRT)

Photo credit: www.binaryreview.com