Increase Global Visibility of your Inventory!


Outdoor advertising has been projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.7% by year 2018. Statistics show that Out-of-Home advertising spend in Nigeria has increased from $59.1m in 2008 to $177.8m in 2013, and the figures keep getting higher.

These figures are pointers to the versatility and potency of outdoor advertising. This medium remains one of the most powerful traditional advertising media, and is not showing any sign of dwindling in the nearest future. Fostering brand recall, increasing awareness and propelling sales of products and services are only a few of the benefits of outdoor advertising.

With the demand of outdoor advertising spaces on the increase, what is the fastest way get global visibility of your inventory, increase sales of your hoardings and ensure that marketers and advertisers employ your services to advertise their products and services?

Its very simple. At no cost, you can enlist your hoardings on Nigeria’s first online outdoor advertising platform – VacantBoards. By doing, you have the luxury of connecting with potential media buyers, managing your inventory online through the operator dashboard, and getting global exposure of your inventory via our extensive promotional programmes.

Going further, as an enlisted company, you get access to creative articles and columns, trends and insights within the industry, press releases, updates and events and featured project showcase. You also get premium listing of your hoardings pinned to our home page and much more.

VacantBoards aims to offer seamless services in Nigerian outdoor advertising by connecting potential buyers with media owners. Leverage on this new innovation within the Nigeria’s OOH sphere and get your business talking. With over 300+ enlisted operators, we are transforming outdoor advertising one board at a time.

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