Introducing In Transit Advertising


In transit advertising involves placement of adverts inside public transport vehicles. There are various ways in which this can be done. Adverts can be placed via installed LED screens, advertisers can also place posters on different compartments in the bus.

in-transit pix

In addition, advertisers can display their innovative prowess by designing  creative adverts as indicated by the images below. Creativity is the hallmark of this type of advertising . The medium provides advertisers with ample opportunities to play around different elements within the vehicle.  In transit advertisement combines the two basic sensory elements of sound and visual.

Creative in transit ad

This medium of advertising has garnered attention within the Lagos metropolis with the introduction of BRT and LAG buses. BRT buses were introduced in Lagos as part of Gov. Babatunde Fashola’s Mega City project. It serves as a solution to the transportation challenges faced by commuters within the city. Many passengers board these buses because they are very cheap when compared with the traditional yellow public buses. In recent times, LED screens have been installed in these BRT buses, giving advertisers ample opportunity to take their brands directly to consumers

Creative in transit ad


In-transit ads are very cost-effective and go for as low as N15, 000 per week and N50, 000 per month. They are more affordable for small and medium scale businesses that do not have the means to run an extensive integrated marketing campaign.


In transit ads are a superb way to showcase your products and services to thousands of consumers daily. One BRT bus loads an average of 1,000 passengers daily and 3.6 million passengers monthly thereby offering advertisers the opportunity to reach a wide, diverse and heterogeneous audience. Also, advertisers have the opportunity to attract new customers while fostering loyalty among existing consumers.


  • This unique advertising medium enables advertisers communicate with consumers on a personal level thereby giving them the opportunity to influence consumer’s buying decisions. Studies have revealed that people tend to make shopping decisions when on the move. In transit ads are a great way to break into the thoughts of your consumers and direct their attention to your products and services.
  • The efficacy of in transit advertising in fostering brand identification and recall among consumers cannot be over-emphasized.
  • In addition in transit ads provide an alternative option for advertisers who do not have the resources to advertise on Television. TV adverts are usually very expensive to run, however, since the LED screens installed on the buses are like small television sets, advertisers can now reach multiple audiences simultaneously at cheaper cost as opposed to a TV advert.
  • Also, unlike TV advertisements, the advertiser has more control over the audience not the other way round. Consumers can’t tune into another station or go to the kitchen to prepare a meal while your ad is running. Your advert will be featured amidst entertaining content such as musical videos, news, league results and so on. This guarantees large viewership of your advert.
  • In transit is a unique advertising medium which embodies all other advertising media such as Television, Radio and Print. It converges the features of traditional media and affords advertisers the luxury of running an advertising campaign seamlessly.

This scenario best summarizes all I have said. A soap manufacturing company places a bus wrap advert on one of the BRT buses. To complement that, the company also places an audio-visual in transit advert which have an average of 60 impressions daily. Passengers boarding this bus will first of all view the bus wrap advert message. That is step 1.

During the journey, these passengers are reminded, via the in transit advert, to purchase that company’s product. If a passenger decides to purchase a bar of soap after alighting from the bus, don’t you think the product of the soap manufacturing company stands a better chance of being purchased against other brands? I think the combination of the in transit advert and the bus wrap would have created enough buzz around that product to propel a passenger to buy it the minute he/she walks into a supermarket.

The aforementioned benefits are just a few of the immense prospects in transit advertising. VacantBoards offers a wide range of in-transit advert options. Booking is very easy, just click here to get started.