Importance of Brand Awareness in Nigerian Market


Your brand is the identity that differentiates you from other products. It is extremely important to create awareness for your business. It is impossible for people to know about your brand and buy your products without brand awareness. With the market place becoming more and more competitive, you have to seek a new approach of getting more customers and standing out from competitors. For the success of any brand, building awareness is fundamental as it helps the company create a lasting impression in the mind of existing and potential customers.

Today’s business is recognized more through its brand (either a name, symbol or logo), this is why customers are willing to spend more to purchase Nestle, Coca-cola or Apple products. These companies have succeeded in leaving a positive mark in the hearts of their customers than their competitors have been unable to contend with.

Let’s take Close-up toothpaste for example, it is not the only geltoothpaste but it is an household name, it has other substitutes like Dabur, Pepsodent, Oral-B to mention a few. These brands relatively have their presence in the market. Consumers have the final say, this is because they are the people who determine their preference from alternative. Businesses have to be innovative in other to be ahead of their competitors. This is why research is vital, it helps you know what your brand lacks and your customers demand. Creating customer experience session is a great way to know about your customer’s demand and how to satisfy their need.

Outdoor Advertising is ideal for every brand because it commands attention, thereby painting a picture of your goods and services in people’s mind. With the new, trendy and mind blowing digital advancement, there is no doubt that adverts call for people’s rapt awareness. Adverts generate profit to reinvest in the business, it also attracts and motivates consumers consciously or unconsciously either through the use of lamp post, billboard, transits(BRT) and digital screens.

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