How to Get the Best of your Outdoor Inventory


Just like any other thing in your possession (car, house, phones your outdoor inventory should be properly maintained, groomed and well optimized to yield maximum profit for your company. No one wants to put up an advert on an unattractive billboard.

In other to get the best of your listed outdoor sites on VacantBoards, increase global visibility and stand a great chances of engaging a customer online, the following rules should be adhered:

1. High Quality Pictures: Good pictures sell. Plain and simple. This explains why everything looks good on social media and e-commerce sites. Merchants are aware of the impact of a good, high-quality, image on consumers. For increased visibility, it is advised that you use very neat and sharp pictures to communicate the effectiveness of your outdoor inventory.

2. Description: Giving clear and precise descriptions of your outdoor site will increase the chances of your site being viewed by media buyers. Explaining the key characteristics of your board or OOH site makes it more catchy than those with less description. Make sure to highlight the location of your board, dimension, type of board, landmarks e.t.c

3. Traffic Count: People like numbers and raw figures, which explains why big data is gaining grounds in the corporate world. Providing hard data on the number of people or cars that see your hoarding or ply that route gives puts you on a higher pedestal to attract media buyers and marketers. Giving articulate figures on traffic count enables businesses measure the Opportunity to See (OTS) or Likelihood to See, therefore giving you an edge over competitors.

4. Best Prices: It is the general belief that outdoor is expensive. Giving the best price for your inventory will make you stand out from the crowd. Running occasional sales, discounts and offering coupons on your outdoor space will draw more attention to your site.

5. Maintenance: Proper maintenance of your billboard is very important. Your billboard must be serviced regularly to maintain its quality. Bad weather could be very detrimental to your hoardings, so take extra caution to maintaining as often as possible.

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