How To Attract And Retain Customers


Many business owners are primarily focused on gaining new customers that they fail to effectively address the need, to retain existing customers having a mindset that it’s easier to sell to them.

What happens after a customer purchase a product? Companies forget to put their focus on new customer acquisition and do whatever it takes to win them over.

If you want to keep existing and prospective clients, follow the tips below and trust me they will keep customers loyal to your brand:

Customer Service

Most companies believe a great product or service provided by them through an outstanding customer service experience will naturally make a client loyal. The reality they fail to understand is that loyalty has to be earned. Companies should make it a point of duty to check up on customers even when selling a product is not involved.

Customers cling to quality of services and support provided by customer service, they share their good experience with others through word of mouth or social media, making them advocates for your brand.

Sales Promotion

Promotion can be a very effective way of retaining customers by keeping them actively engaged with your brand. The key is to run relevant pander-free promotions that reward customers, make them feel good about doing business with your company, and encourage them to do more of the same. Sales promotions are good ways to encourage and reward customers. Special discounts are also effective.

Organize an Event

Organize a socially responsible activities such as environmental sanitation to fitness events that calls attention or trend cause. Special appearance of a favourite celebrity and other event that combine entertainment with brand and product presentation should not be left out. This way customers as well as prospective clients will become loyal to your brand.

Social Media

Socializing with your customers can build retention if you do it correctly. The key is to dial down the corporate presence and give your customers a voice and a forum to connect with other customers, and let them build the traffic. As you build your facebook fans and twitter followers, stay engaged with them. It will make them feel important and appreciated. Always take care of your customers, as they can be your most powerful advocates.

Revamp, Rebrand and Rethink

Technology changes every day, and it is imperative to stay up to date. Does your website need to be revamped? Does your advert copy represent your brand to its full potential? Do you keep your sites updated? Take a close look at your company on the web and see where you can make it better. How does the content (website, social media) solve customers problems? Can your customer find the product or answer they are looking for? It is always a good idea to analyze and rethink the available resources.

These are just few ideas that will help you improve your customer service. Remember, the better you are at keeping existing customers happy, the less you have to work at attracting new ones. Happy customers will do that for you.