The First Interactive DOOH APP is Out!!!


Frederik Vroman, Frederik De Wachter and Michael Boone have now seemingly launched their startup DOOHapps. It’s described as the first interactive application store for the DOOH industry.

The app is founded by the aforementioned entrepreneurs with a long track record in the Digital-Out-Of-Home industry (DOOH). All three of them have worked for Barco, a global display technology company specialized in digital cinema and retail solutions. They claim to combine a global sales network with specialised digital signage knowledge and an expertise in digital marketing.

Key features of the app include, but are not limited to, audience measurement, mindreader, tweetbeam, pictawall, and body reveal. With the app, you are able to analyse, screen and measure the profiles of audience members who view your ad.

The audience measurement feature measures the attention, dwell time and profiles of viewers just by using a regular webcam. The app analyses the faces of spectators and reports in real-time the number of viewers over a period, the number of seconds that people actually look at the large display and also specifies the age and gender of the watchers.

However, the faces are not kept for reasons of privacy and due to an extraordinary algorithmic technology; a viewer is not counted double. This feature can run concurrently with other interactive apps and allows you analyze the success and ROI of a campaign, just like other digital marketing channels.

Another significant feature of the app is the tweetbeam. With tweetbeam, you can engage your audience and get everyone to be a part of your event. How does it work? You choose your campaign’s Twitter #hashtag and Tweetbeam will automatically engaging Twitter wall with quotes and pictures.

Tweetbeam turns your campaign or event into an interactive experience by letting everybody post messages and photos to your Twitter wall. It stimulates guests to Tweet about your business or event hashtag. These Tweets spread to their followers and through the Twittersphere, generating exposure for your event. However, this feature requires the browser capability of the media player.

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