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This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information about VacantBoards, or if you need support, please visit our support center.

What Advertising Packages do you have for SMEs?

We have the Classic, Ruby and Diamond bundles for SME’s. These bundles are designed to suit a low budget and yet run a result-oriented outdoor campaign.

How do I advertise my brand on Digital Screens?

To advertise on Digital screens, you book for your preferred location. After which you send your creative or advert copy to us via email and your campaign is ready to go live.

How often can I change advert material during the life of the campaign?

You can change your advert material as often as you want at any period during the life of your campaign. However, change of material for BRT buses costs an additional ₦50,000 naira. Change of advert copy for digital screens comes at no additional costs. All you need do is forward your new advert creative/design and it will be displayed on the screens.

In a case of a defaced BRT advert, who bears the cost for replacement?

VacantBoards bears the cost for replacement as well as any other issues that occur during the life of you campaign.

Do you offer discounts or specials?

Discounts are available based on volume and duration of the advert campaign. Long-term campaigns with high volume attract huge discounts.

Are your billboards illuminated?

We have illuminated billboards listed on our platform such as backlit and LED boards. These boards run on light-emitting diode (LED); a two-lead semiconductor device that converts electricity into light. These devices are attached to the boards and create an illuminating effect for your advert messages.