Cracking The Wave To Steady Growth With G.A 2016


‘The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step’ – Lao Tzu

The insight of this voyage entails business growth and strategy development centred at improving businesses as well as leaving a ‘come back’ smile on each product or service users across Nigeria.

Growth Academy is a 3 month accelerator for new and existing tech startups in Lagos/Nigeria to grow their businesses into profitable and sustainable enterprises. Selected businesses get product innovation support and ticket into the value chains of big industry partners to swiftly scale their user base.

This meet-up is exclusive and it is not like any other Growth Academy, as over a 100 companies applied. Particularly, only 10 startups were selected for this development program. This event cuts across Strategy development, Understanding Existing Users, Reaching New Bases, Smart Marketing Strategy and much more

VacantBoards among many other impacting startups like Tuteria, Mamalette, Easyhire, Verge, Edves Suite, Genii Games, Drop Buddies, Go My Way and Wesabi made the cut and joined Growth Academy yesterday with optimum zeal to greatly integrate her business from what it is now into a compound name in July.

This approach revamp is in collaborations with Co-creation hub and Intel who have put together their team and resources to aid 10 startups involved in either B2B or B2C achieve their ‘10x goal’ or even more by the 14th of July, 2016.