Boost Sales this Christmas Season with Outdoor Advertising


Christmas is a wonderful time of the year when many people celebrate and express love for one another through giving. Hence the need to go out there and shop for gifts for family and friends as well as house-hold decorations.

christmas-saving-moneyConsumers are all out to spend during Christmas. At this time, their senses are heightened and are on the look-out for brand promotions, discounts and sales that will give them the best value for their money.

Marketers and advertisers are always on top of their game during the holiday season. Competition in the market is usually intense as brands take to different advertising media to attract customers and propel them to purchase their products and services.

The dynamism Out-of-Home advertising offers cannot be matched by any other advertising media. Companies can leverage on this opportunity by engaging in an effective outdoor advertising campaign that reinforces brand image and reminds consumers of the product’s market offerings this holiday season.

It is imperative to know note that in order to get the best of the holiday season in terms of sales, marketers need to understand the psychology of consumers at this time and appeal to them. During Christmas, consumers are emotional; hearts filled with joy, love and celebration. Your ad campaign must reflect these feelings and create a sense of affection.

Also, incorporating social media into your campaign makes it very interactive and will positively impact your sales margin. Use personal connections like uploading #Selfies to get the consumers to engage with your brand. In addition, ensure that you match the location of your outdoor campaign to your target audience to ensure high ROI.

Small business can maximize the potential of this season by making use of their signage by communicating their products in an exciting way and displaying whatever promos or discounts they are running for this season. Effective use of an on-premise LED sign by the business owner can add that extra boost to your end-of-the-year sales. Statistics show that December does boast at least a 25% increase over the average monthly retail volume.

We have various outdoor ad spaces to cater for your advertising needs this season. From digital screens in malls and other strategic places to billboards, lampposts, transit ads and airport advertising. To book for an ad space, click here