Billboards More Effective for Political Campaigns


A recent study conducted by VacantBoards, online outdoor advertising marketplace, following the just concluded Nigerian 2015 general elections, revealed that billboards are most effective for engaging members of the electorates than other forms of outdoor advertising.

The survey, which was focused on electorates living in Lagos, revealed that 45% of the respondents found billboard political campaigns more engaging as opposed to 26% for posters and 16% for transit ads (BRT and LAGbus).

VacantBoards Survey - Influence_of_Outdoor_Advertising_on_Civic_Decisions

In terms of garnering the attention of the electorates, social media was identified as the most effective medium with 42%, followed by outdoor advertising with 32% and newspapers with 9%. This result re-emphasizes the supreme power of mobile and digital marketing in raising brand awareness.

However, regardless of how potent social media is in drawing attention, outdoor advertising still remains the most effective medium for raising awareness, communicating and reaching members of the electorates.

This is depicted by the 54% of respondents saying they had seen more outdoor political campaign adverts during the election period, 26% said they saw more posters, 6% transit ads and the least were wall drapes with 1%.

The survey was conducted on 2,500 electorates in Lagos. The respondents cut across all demographics within the age range of 18-65.

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