Billboard Advertising in Nigeria


The aim of every business venture is to maximize profit. In pursuit of this goal, most companies strive to sell their products and services as well as increase their clientele base. It is imperative to note that sales are a by-product of the level of awareness a brand has garnered within the market. Most times, consumers patronize brands that they know or come across often via various forms of advertisement (TV, radio, billboards, digital e.t.c).

Nevertheless, of all the advertising forms, statistics show that outdoor advertising has the highest recall rate. The advantages of outdoor advertising are immense, especially billboard advertisements. In Nigeria, advertising on billboards is perceived to be for the big brands only due to its cost.

Several factors are responsible for the high cost of billboard advertising in Nigeria. However, the few brands that have the resources to run extensive billboard advert campaigns have, over the years, reaped its fruits, which include and not limited to: high brand retention and recall, increased consumer loyalty, increased sales, positive brand repositioning and image building.

In order to have a successful billboard advert that will yield results and guarantee high returns on investment, certain rules must be followed. In Nigeria, before any advert can go public, it must be approved by the Advertising Practitioner’s Council of Nigeria (APCON). This is the regulatory body responsible for the approval of advertisement copy in Nigeria called vetting. For an advert copy to be approved,

  1. Application is made by the advertising practitioner seeking approval to advertise attaching a professionally produced advert copy/layout in colour and product samples of not less than 12 units.
  2. The application is then forwarded to the Chairman of the Advertising Standard Panel (ASP) together with all the attached documents.
  3. The ASP meets twice every month. However, a request may be honored provided the applicant takes full responsibility for such an emergency meeting.
  4. Provisions are available for 8 hours and 16 hours accelerated vetting.
  5. A formal letter notifying the applicant of the status of the application will be sent as soon as the application has been received.
  6. No advertisement under the vetting category should be exposed unless a certificate of approval from the ASP, signed by the Chairman and the Registrar of APCON has been received by the applicant or media house.
  7. Copies of the Certificate of Approval must be attached to all media orders.

After the vetting process has been completed, one can go ahead to print the advert material and mount it on the selected advert space. The location of the billboard is very important as it determines the success and effectiveness of your billboard advert. The billboard should be located in an area that communicates your advert message to your target audience

Monitoring the billboard advert campaign is also very essential. This is done to ascertain whether the billboard and the materials placed on it are in good condition and also to measure the ROI on the campaign.

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