Amplify Your OOH Campaign With Ambient Advertising


Ambient advertising is a kind of outdoor advertising that involves placing ads on unusual items or in unusual places you wouldn’t normally see an advert. It doesn’t have to be placed outside and can be found anywhere and everywhere!

Ambient advertising thrives on creativity and innovation and is the best form of advertising that complements Out-Of-Home (OOH) ads. If you want to hit your customer directly with your products and services, then incorporate ambient advertising into your OOH campaign to create that lasting impression on the minds of your consumers.

Sun glasses ambientDue to its flexibility and dynamic nature, ambient advertising allows advertisers play around ideas and unconventional advert displays, which originally might not have been feasible with traditional OOH such as billboards and transit, to communicate their messages more effectively.

Ambient advertisements are very effective means for pushing a brand message in front of consumers and can aids in developing even better brand recall within target audiences. This affords advertisers the luxury of maintaining brand awareness created by other advertising efforts. Ambient media can produce mass attention in centralized locations, or directly interact with consumers during normal day-to- day activities.

Examples of ambient media are messages on the backs of car park receipts, on hanging straps in public buses or railway carriages and on the handles of supermarket trolleys. It also includes techniques such as projecting huge images on the sides of buildings.

The key to implementing a successful and effective ambient advertisement campaign is to choose the right medium. Advertising via the wrong medium can render your campaign ineffective; yielding little or no result. Since the aim is to attract people’s attention to your products and services, the location and the medium have to be in alignment with your advertising goals and objectives and should also reverberate the central message behind your campaign.

transit snakeAmbient advertising brings innovation, humour, fun, creativity, simplicity, drama and art into OOH advertising. Since it falls under the OOH advertising medium, it offers advantages such as the ability to engage on-the-go consumers and extend reach when combined with other forms of advertising. It also amplifies an advertising campaign and drives consumers to engage with brands online and in-store.

Tap into the heart of ambient advertising and explore its immense potentials in raising brand awareness, redefining brand position and increasing brand strength.

Image Credit: Corporate Eye