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In-transit AdvertisingIn-transit Advertising

In-Transit – Agege

BRT in transit adverts offers you the opportunity to influence your audience’s buying decisions towards your products and services.

Bus Wrap Printing & Pasting * 

Printing and pasting of high quality vinyl bus wrap

Campaign Monitoring

Monitoring of Advert Campaign



In transit advertising allows you communicate with your target audience on a personal level. Since consumers make shopping decisions while on the move.

Additional information


N50,000 Monthly (Discount with volume)
N15,000 Weekly (Discount with volume)
Sundays Free


60 Impressions (Daily)
Each Impression Must be 30 Seconds or Less
Impressions that run over 30 Seconds will be counted as an extra impression and will be billed as such.
Additional Impression can be allocated subject to availability at an additional cost


Average No of Commuters Monthly: 3,600,000
Passenger Flow (Peak Period): 127,500
Passenger Flow (Off Peak): 22,500
Passenger Flow: 1000 Daily

Estimated Commuter Data

25 Buses: 800,000 Passengers/Month
50 Buses: 1,600,000 Passengers/Month
75 Buses: 2,400,000 Passengers/Month
100 Buses: 3,800,000 Passengers/Month


Medium to low income earners
No of Commuters Daily: 420,000
Passenger capacity: 80 (37 sitting/43 standing)
Daily Passenger Flow: 1400
Duration of Journey: 45 mins
Loading Time: 4mins


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