A Glimpse Into Transit Advertising


“Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming” – Richard Branson

As we know that bus rapid transit has come to stay in Nigeria, it is no news that citizens are pleased with the Government regarding this development. This project has been in existence for almost a decade.

In this era of high technology innovation, it’s no news that citizens all over the world have sought and even created high peaked comfort for themselves. Outdoor Advertising in many ways has crafted a huge deal by effectively utilizing the bus rapid transit to a great gain.

A glimpse into the center of excellence

Having gotten over the fracas with the former operator deal, the Lagos state Government has brilliantly signed a contract with a new operator and also reassuring commuters of a cozy and affordable means of transportation.

With Outdoor Advertising paving its way into more technological advanced Outdoor structures, the venture of Outdoor Advertising on the new rapid bus transit in Nigeria’s center for excellence is inevitable as it valued at yielding wins for the industry.

Insights into the new rapid bus transit in Lagos state

Signing a new operator to implement the Lagos state mission has been a giant step in making the metropolitan beautiful, comfortable as well as a less pricy.

In case you have not used the new rapid bus transit (BRT), here are a couple of things you just maybe missing out:

  • A “tag-in” machine: This machine operates with your card, to foster convenient payment method for commuters within the metropolis.
  • The Alert button: This button is used to alert the driver in the bus that you have arrived at your destination.
  • Safety space: This section is created for physically challenged individuals in the state.
  • The grip: The new bus rapid transit has a stand grip; this grip is to prevent standing citizens from staggering, while on the bus during their trip.
  • Glass breaker: This tool in this transit is to exit people quickly during an emergency. Kindly note that the glass breaker is to be used for emergency purpose only
  • Air condition: Excitingly this is one of the facilities that chill commuters as they step into the bus, among many other facilities.

This Bus rapid transit is a transport system worthy for the mega city.