2015 General Elections: Politicians Take To Outdoor Advertising


As the Nigerian 2015 general elections draw near, aspirants vying for various political positions in the country are taking to outdoor advertising to declare their intentions in a bid to earn the votes of the masses. Outdoor advertising has proven to be one efficient medium for creating awareness and public enlightenment for any given cause – especially political campaigns

Use of outdoor advertising for political campaigns can be back to the 19th century, with the use of posters, which was the most common form of outdoor advertising then. The Atlantic reports that “….In the 1800s, posters were more detailed than they are today. Early campaign posters featured etched portraits of the candidates looking statesmanly and were printed using wood or metal plates, sometimes inked in color. Extensive text sometimes accompanied the portraits and in some instances text was the poster’s main feature.”

The report attributes this to the level of literacy of the masses at the time. It says “They wanted to inform the public, and the public at that stage was fairly literate, so there was more of an emphasis on the word.”

Several years after, outdoor advertising still remains a veritable medium for politicians in communicating their aspirations to the public. According to The Economist “………..Politicians spread the word with leaflets, posters and junk mail.” According to the report, Neilsen, a market-research firm revealed that “in 2010, politicians spent £7m ($11m) on outdoor advertising, nearly a third of total political ad spending…”

The situation is not too different in Nigeria, as politicians have begun to embark on several outdoor campaign strategies to communicate their intentions and aspirations in respect to the upcoming 2015 general elections. This reinforces the projection made by Association of Advertising Agencies of Nigeria (AAAN), earlier this year, that N20bn will be spent on political campaigns.

bring back goodluck2The controversial #BringBackGoodluck2015 billboard declaring President Goodluck Jonathan’s presidential aspirations for the upcoming 2015 general elections, is only a glimpse of what is to come, as politicians will not hesitate to spend millions of naira on billboards and lampposts. Every nook and cranny harbouring a billboard structure across Nigeria will be flooded with political campaign advertisements.

Outdoor advertising takes politicians’ messages down to the grassroots with roadside billboards, posters and other cost-effective but efficient Out-Of-Home strategies. With the ante being upped in the outdoor industry, made possible by the introduction of digital billboards, signages and digital screens, there is sure to be a scramble among politicians for the best structures in prime locations that will yield optimum results.

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