10 Creative BillBoard Adverts That Will Leave you Gawking


There’s a saying that goes like this “You have all eternity to think inside the box (inside the coffin) so now is the time to think outside the box”. I couldn’t agree less because considering the rate of technological advancement and global digitization; customers are looking for something different, something creative and something unique.

They have been constantly bombarded with all forms of billboard advertisements and have become bored of looking at the same type of billboards with just a few words and pictures.  So how does your billboard ad stop customers in their tracks and inspire them to purchase your product or patronize your services?  It only takes creativity to achieve that.

After much research, I have come up with 10 very  creative billboard adverts (some of them will literally leave you gawking). I’m pretty sure they will spur your imagination and ignite your creativity. Enjoy!! and watch out for no. 10

  1.  nose strings

This ad literally got my ribs cracking with laughter. Now this is how to get customers to pay attention to your message. Panasonic built their billboard around electric wires and poles to humorously emphasize the need for nose grooming by using their nose hair trimming  cutting system. Imagine one’s nose hair growing that long…..Lol

2. sex

By looking at this picture i can guess the first thing that popped into your mind (*winks*). The use of sex appeal to attract consumer’s attention is so classic and has been employed by so many agencies and brands. It works 99% of the time.  This ad was used to get people’s attention to eat at the subway cafe and I bet many people would have definitely taken a second look at that billboard

3. man tearing billboard

This billboard was used by Formula toothpaste to emphasize the fact that using their product results in strong and healthy teeth. Taking a look at this ad, how else could they  have passed this message across better?

4. building

This ad was created for Anando Milk. It was used to drive home the message that drinking Anando milk daily can make a child strong enough to move a building. The billboard was placed on top of a building in India and on the billboard was the building on which it was placed and a little child moving that building. This concept can be described as nothing short of creative!!!

5. open mouth

This advert actually spurred my imagination. This is what I call CREATIVITY at its peak. This billboard was built over the entrance of a tunnel and was trying to entice Austrian motorists to stop at Oldtimer, a chain of motorway rest stops.

6. yeloow paint

A green tidal wave was created to promote Nationwide insurance in Texas. The company hired the wall, the park and the three vehicles before letting down the paint to create a green tidal wave.

7. coke-cola

We all know that Pepsi is a company with a thing for outstanding advertisements. This billboard is an illustration of how far they can go to impress upon the minds of consumers that if its not Pepsi then no other Cola drink comes close.  They played upon the colour of their brand by using it on the upper and lower lip of the image on the billboard.

8. shaving stick

Bic razor used this field to show the effectiveness of their shaving stick in giving a clean and smooth shave. The field was leased out to them by the farmer that owns it for this purpose. This only points to the fact that some companies are really thinking outside the box

9. mars chocolate

This is another inspiring billboard ad from Mars chocolate. Two boards were employed to achieve this effect. The advert describes the long lasting taste of mars chocolate, leaving you wanting more.

10. football

This has got to be my favourite that is why I had to make it the last one.   Tell me how people wont pay attention to your products with this kind of eye-catching edifice.