The No #1 Transit Advertising Mistake


Transit advertising is one efficient medium that guarantees wide visibility of your brand and creates a reverberating effect of your company’s products and services in the minds of consumers.

Advertisers with new products and services to offer the market opt for this medium due to its immense benefits, which have been highlighted previously. They select the cleanest buses and best routes to display their advertisements. The snag, however, is that the ads displayed on these buses all have one common mistake.

I have observed, too often, that advertisers (and I blame the media agencies for this), put up way too much information on BRT buses when they run their advert campaigns. I assume the reason for this is that advertisers are trying to get as much value for their ad spend as possible. However, this cannot be done by bombarding the buses with too much information that the average consumer find it difficult to absorb and decode within a short period of time.

There is one simple rule to ensure efficient outdoor advertising, regardless of the medium (billboards, bus-sheds, transit, ambient, e.t.c.) It is called KISS – Keep it Short and Simple. Your audiences are on-the-go, which implies that they have places to go, things to do, appointments to catch up with and work to attend to. In other words, they have a lot of things on their minds and very little to attend to your advert message. Therefore, making them consume a lot of information, in the name of an advert, can cause information overload.

Many advertisers make the mistake of trying to usurp the primary function of outdoor advertising. Whether it is a Billboard or Digital screen, outdoor advertising is not meant to give your customers all the information about your product in one swipe. Its essential function is to create awareness about your brand and subsequently redirect traffic to your website and social media pages. Another rebound effect of outdoor advertising is that it increases sales, fosters brand recall and if done creatively, promotes brand engagement and interactivity.

It is very imperative that advertisers take cognizance of this mistake and seek out ways to address it. There are other ways to draw attention to your transit ad without making it too wordy, for example use of aesthetics. Remember to keep it short and simple so that consumers can easily relate with and understand your advert message. Click here for more tips of effective outdoor advertising.